NovaLash Eyelash Extensions

Perfect Eyelash Extensions

An introduction to eyelash extensions, this quickie session will just accent the corner of the eyes.  It is perfect for someone just want the extra flare at the corner of the eyes.

  • Winky Lash : $ 119
  • Refill : $ 59

Eyelash extensions will be applied from  inner corners  to outer corners of the eyes.  Perfect for wake up and ready to go routine.  Approximately 25-30 lashes will be applied for each eye.

  • Natural Full Set : $ 199
  • Refill : $ 99

This full set will double the lashes and gives dramatic look, definitly ready to Party !

  • Dramatic Look Set : $ 299
  • Refill : $149

Depending on the desired look you are trying to achieve whether it is a glamorous gaze ready for the paparazzi or a naturally flirty fringe — your lash artist will help you choose the appropriate lengths, thicknesses and style for you!

A full-set of eyelash extensions takes one to two hours to apply and lasts a full month without a touch-up. After your initial visit you will need a touch-up which is an hour long appointment, in which old extensions will be removed and new extensions will be applied to any new lash growth.

NovaLash Natural Lashes

NovaLash natural black lashes are typically used on all clients to enhance their natural lashes. They have a slight curl and are extremely durable, glossy and come in a variety of thickness and lengths that your certified extension specialist will be able to apply.

NovaLash Curly Curly Lashes

NovaLash’s exclusive curly curly lashes accentuate and brighten all eye shapes. Mix them with other textures and a variety of thicknesses to create a beautiful, natural look, or use them alone to create a dramatic, Hollywood look. These extensions can be used on all types of lashes, depending on the pliability of the client’s natural lashes.

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