Best Anti Aging Skin Care

 Anti Aging Skin Care Jade Spa San Francisco

Signature Facial

60 Minutes, $90

Essential for maintaining healthy skin; this facial focuses on rejuvenation, correction, and refinement through enzymatic and gentle acid exfoliation, comprehensive extraction, and nutrient-rich hydration.

  • Stimulating cleanse, scrub, and skin analysis
  • Exfoliation with Fruit Enzymes, gentle acids, and relaxing steam
  • Extractions
  • Custom masque and serums
  • Hand and arm massage
  • Moisturizer / SPF
  • 60 Minutes ( or longer depending on extractions )

Raspberry Peach Enzyme Facial w/Goji Berry

60 Minutes – $120

Recommend for All Skin Types

Raspberry – contains high levels of polyphenol antioxidant ellagic
acid, soothes skin irritations, astringent, reduces inflammation.

Peach – softening, emollient, aromatically relaxing.

Pumpkin – with Vitamins C and A, antioxidant carotenoids, betacarotene,
stimulates cell turnover.

Hibiscus Flower – is a gentler alternative to AHAs and has a moisturizing
effect. Antioxidant, maintains skin elasticity, toning, antiinflammatory

Goji Berry – helps in rebuilding the skin by stimulating biosynthesis, fibroblast proliferation and by inhibiting MMPs.
Anti-aging results can be seen by the reduction of lines and wrinkles in addition to an improvement in the skin’s elasticity.

Jade Acne & Clarifying Facial

75 Minutes  $120

Whether it is teen or adult acne, special attention is given to lifestyle, diet and previous skin care.  This facial is designed to help soothe inflammation and decrease acne breakouts.

  • Stimulating cleanse, scrub and skin analysis
  • Micro-dermabrasion scrub, deep exfoliation fluid and O2 steam
  • Extractions
  • Beta-acid, A & E correction Treatment, Icy Revitalization Mask
  • Herbal Cooling French Molding Mask
  • Scalp , Neck Lymphatic, Shoulder, Arm Massage

Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment

65 Minutes, $120

This therapeutic treatment sloughs away dead skin cells, allowing fresh new cells to surface.  At the same time, this treatment will help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and loosen congested follicles.

  • Glycolic Acid Cleanse, Green Papaya Enzyme
  • 40% Glycolic Acid Treatment ( 10 minutes )
  • Lavenda Floral Calming Mask
  • EGF-DNA Serum & Lymphatic Massage
  • Fresh Organic Seaweed Mask
  • Scalp, Shoulder, Neck, Arm, Hand Massage during mask

Jade Luxury Collagen Facial w/ Oxygen Infusion

65 Minutes, $120

A facial that helps fight premature aging, dehydration, free radical damage, and increase skin repair action by 33%.  Pure natural collagen contains all of the vital substances in a concentrated form.  This facial not only provides moisture but also reduces wrinkles and will revitalize the metabolism of your skin. The result : smooth, elastic skin with a new sense of vibrance.

  • Double Cleanse, Hungarian Enzyme, Vita C Clarifying, facial steam
  • Extractions ( if applicable )
  • Pure Collagen Gel / Q 10 Serums Ultra-sound treatment
  • Oxygen Infusion
  • Anion Facial Meridian massage
  • Angelica & Pearl Powder Mask
  • Scalp, Shoulder, Neck, Arm, Hand Massage during mask








Jade Eye Rejuvenation Treatment 30 Minutes, $ 40

30 Minutes, $ 40

Refresh, smooth, hydrate, and “de-puff” eyelid skin is what this beneficial and relaxing service will do for the eye area. Eyelid skin will immediately appear firmer and refreshed.


For optimum results, we recommend current hair length to be at least ¼ inch at time of service. Your skin may be sensitive after waxing. Please allow your skin to heal for 24 hours before exposure to sun or tanning bed. Due to skin sensitivity, we do NOT perform waxing services on clients taking Retin-A, Accutane, antibiotics, or diabetic medication.

Face Waxing

  • Eyebrow – $15
  • Full face – $35+

Arm Waxing

  • Under Arm – $15
  • Full Arm – $30+

Legs Waxing

  • Lower Leg – $25+
  • Full Leg – $45+

Bikini Waxing

  • $25+

Brazilian Waxing

  • $45+

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